Chris Christie opens victory office to target Hispanics | Paterson Times

Chris Christie opens victory office to target Hispanics


Chris Christie made his 3rd visit this year to Paterson yesterday evening in hopes of courting Hispanic voters in the city by opening up a “Victory Office”.

The incumbent governor acknowledged Passaic County is a swing county, and he hopes to bag as many votes as he can, not just for himself but for Republicans placed on the November 5th ballot.

Frank Feenan, who is running for the sheriff’s office in the county, had his election posters plastered all over the outside of the small shop on Mill Street.

The office will be used as a calling center for Republicans to reach out to residents prior to the election to secure their votes; Hispanic employees will target Latino voters by calling them and speaking to them in their native tongue.

It makes sense for Mr Christie to target Spanish speakers in Paterson because a majority of Patersonians are Hispanic; the 2010 census count shows 57% of city residents are Latino.