Ryle Avenue opens for traffic after mill collapse | Paterson Times

Ryle Avenue opens for traffic after mill collapse


Ryle Avenue, the small stretch of road between Totowa Avenue to Presidential Boulevard, re-opened earlier today after being closed since Tuesday’s mill collapse which left pieces of bricks on the street.

The decrepit mill has been demolished by a crew that worked for the last two days to take down the building; only small bits of the structure remains, including a large wall at the back of it and a small remnant behind the parking lot of the corner liquor store.

A large fence has been erected covering the sidewalk of the avenue, containing the demolition site, inside of which are large piles of debris that emerged after the crew used bulldozers to break the massive complex down to the ground.

Some of the dozen or so people who were evacuated from the nearby homes have returned to their homes.

The emergency demolition cost city tax payers $400,000, according to the mayor’s office.