McBride Avenue Lukoil fined $15,000 for price gouging | Paterson Times

McBride Avenue Lukoil fined $15,000 for price gouging


The Lukoil gas station located on McBride Avenue that was identified last year for price gouging days following Hurricane Sandy has been fined $15,000, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

After the storm the gas station raised its price by more than 50-percent: “regular gasoline, increased from $3.799 per gallon to $5.499 per gallon, an increase of 59%,” according to court papers filed by the state.

AT Petroleum, which owns and operates the gas station, settled to pay the $15,000: “$7,807 in civil penalties, $4,696 in attorneys’ fees and $2,497 in investigative costs.”

Part of the settlement included a promise by the business owners to never charge excessive prices for gasoline during a declared state of emergency.

“The immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy left many New Jerseyans in a state of chaos and turmoil, which was only made worse when companies illegally gouged them for essential items such as shelter and fuel,” says John Hoffman, the acting attorney general.