38-year-old man robbed near East 32nd Street | Paterson Times

38-year-old man robbed near East 32nd Street

A Clifton man was robbed by two men on Wednesday afternoon near East 32nd Street, according to Paterson Police.

The victim, 38-year-old, was sitting inside his vehicle near Broadway and East 32nd Street, when two men approached him asking for direction. After asking for direction the two suspects forced their way into the vehicle.

One of the man, who produced a gun, pointed the weapon at the suspect and demanded everything he had. Thinking the man’s belongings, cash and jewelery, was not enough, the two ordered him to drive to a nearby cash machine in downtown to extract more money out of the victim. After the victim gave what the suspects wanted, they had him drive them back to their destination before fleeing.

During the bizarre incident the victim was not injured.