Female taxi driver thwarts robbery | Paterson Times

Female taxi driver thwarts robbery


A taxi driver was almost robbed Tuesday afternoon by a suspect passenger near Summer Street, according to Paterson Police. An ill-intentioned passenger hailed the cab at around 5:30pm on Tuesday near the intersection of Summer and Harrison Streets, where the suspect got into the taxi.

Once inside, the suspect told the driver he wanted to be dropped off on River Street, after issuing this instruction, the man complained to the female driver, that he did not have much money.

The driver, then pulled over the car on Fulton Street, where the suspect attempted to grab her from behind while pointing a gun at her; however, the taxi driver did not give into the suspect’s demand, and managed to resist him. After realizing he could not get his way, the suspect got out of the vehicle and fled.

It is unclear whether this incident is connected to a similar incident that occurred on Sunday in Fulton Street, where a taxi driver was robbed by a gunman.