2 drug dealers arrested on Park Avenue with 100 bags of heroin | Paterson Times

2 drug dealers arrested on Park Avenue with 100 bags of heroin


Two Paterson men were arrested near Park Avenue after a short chase on Thursday evening by officers from Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, announced Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff.

Isaiah Wilson, 24, and John Cruz, 19, were arrested at around 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, when detectives spotted them engaging in what appeared to be a drug transaction on 23rd Street. We “observed two individuals engage in what appeared to a drug transaction at the intersection of Park Ave and 23rd Street,” read a statement from the sheriff’s office.

When the two noticed the officers approaching they dumped their narcotics and attempted to flee the scene via 23rd Street. “Detectives approached the individuals  who immediately began to flee on foot, both individuals attempted to discards “Bricks of Heroin” during the chase which were recovered by Detectives during the pursuit,” according to Berdnik. Officers chased them down and cuffed them.

The drugs abandoned by the two dealers included a large collection of heroin bags, “total of 100 Glassines of Heroin were recovered stamped “Versace” blue lettering,” according to the sheriff.

After a drive-by-shooting that left one dead and few others injured in the early part of July officers from the office setup surveillance in the area which bore fruit yesterday, leading to the arrest of these two dealers. “Recently, this area has experienced several “Drive-By Shootings,” according to Berdnik. Both have been charged with intent to distribute heroin among other charges which included intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of School 12. Wilson and Cruz both have prior records of drug dealing, and have been placed in Paterson Police Department lockup.

“The Sheriff’s Office will continue [to] arrest any individuals involved in drug distribution,” said Berdnik. “The message should be clear, law enforcement will not allow drug dealers to operate without the risk of arrest.”

  • heyhey

    The judge should make it a condition of their probation/parole that they aren't allowed around that area at all. That should clean up the area