Group in white van robbing pedestrians at gunpoint | Paterson Times

Group in white van robbing pedestrians at gunpoint


Two armed robberies took place in Paterson overnight on Thursday — one on East 39th Street and the other on Glover Avenue — involving a group of men who stalked pedestrians on the sidewalk before exiting the vehicle and pointing a gun at them, demanding money, according to Paterson Police Department.

In the first incident, which unfolded at around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, a man was walking near the intersection of 19th Avenue and East 39th Street, where a group of three men — all described as black males in their 20s — got out of a tinted vehicle, pulled out a gun on the victim, and demanded everything he had.

In the second incident, a teenager, 16-year-old, was outside his home on Glover Avenue at around 11 p.m. on Thursday, when a group of men got out of a tinted vehicle and demanded he hand over everything.

Each time the victim complied with the suspects demands and handed over their belongings. The victim of 19th Avenue lost possession of his wallet and cell phone; the victim of Glover Avenue, similarly, was stripped of his phone and cash.

Police believe the two incidents are connected, and probably were committed by the same group of people riding around in a white van with tinted windows, stopping pedestrians on the sidewalk, and pointing a gun at them prior to getting away with their belongings.

The two incident occurred in very different parts of the city — more than four miles apart. Police are asking anyone with information to dial (973) 321-1120.