4 arrested; 1,530 bags of heroin recovered on Jackson Street | Paterson Times

4 arrested; 1,530 bags of heroin recovered on Jackson Street


After a lengthy investigation detectives have arrested 2 people who were using a home on Jackson Street as a stash house to peddle illegal drugs like heroin and marijuana on the streets of Paterson, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Tahjere James, 21, a city resident, who lived on Jackson Street, was the subject of a three week long investigation by Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff. Detectives from the office tracked James’ movement, and closed in on him. While tracking the drug dealer, detectives arrested two individuals who traveled from outside the county to come into the city in order to purchase illicit drugs.

Mark Bennett, 24, a resident of Mahwah, was found closing a drug transaction with James near North 11th Street and Haledon Avenue, where detectives cuffed him. Bennett, who was arrested on August 20th, 2013, at the time had in his possession 40 bags of heroin.

Nicholas Fondaco, 20, a resident of Flanders, was observed by officers buying heroin from James on Grand Street. Fondaco, who was arrested on Tuesday, had in his possession 70 bags of heroin at the time of arrest.

Everton James, 36, who shared the same home with James, was caught with “5 baggies of Marijuana,” according to Berdnik.

At the home on Jackson Street, where the two James lived, officers found more than a thousand bags of heroin. “1,530 glassine envelopes of Heroin” were found at the home, according to Berdnik. 58 bags of marijuana was also found at the home; officers seized $719 of cash from the home as well.

The sheriff’s office and Drug Enforcement Agents from Group 5 Newark Division worked in tandem to make the bust. “In addition to the Heroin, three weapons were recovered,” said Berdnik in a statement. Community weapons are weapons, commonly, stashed away at a set location, so any member of a Drug Trafficking Organization could have access to it and comeback and retrieve it if needed.”

All four of the individuals arrested have been charged with various drug offenses.