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Letter: More than a board member

My name is Keshanna Teague and Corey Teague is my husband. I have been quiet for a long time and now I need to speak up for my husband.

I do not appreciate the fact that Corey is being disrespected by the very people he has supported and assisted for so long. If everyone would just take a moment to talk with him instead of talking at him, they would see that he is not a bad person. I hope this issue is resolved soon.

He works hard for the school system. Even when he’s home, he is always working and trying to find ways to assist parents with any concerns they have. I watch him work tirelessly, day in and day out. All the work he does comes without a salary, a fancy car, or benefits.

I want everyone to know that Corey is more than just a school board member, he is an awesome father to his children. He always makes sacrifices for them, for us all really. I don’t know anything about politics and I have never been interested in them.

All I know is that Corey is a good man, and I hope people can recognize that. I hope people also understand that he wants what is best for all the children of Paterson. He would not be where he is now and doing all the work he is doing if he didn’t care.

Thank You

Mrs. Keshanna Teague