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Sexual assault suspect arrested after 9-years by Sheriff’s Office


A fugitive wanted in connection with a sexual assault and a kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl in Paterson has been arrested in Somerset, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Abdul Haye, 33, a city resident, was arrested in Somerset, at around 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday, by officers the sheriff’s warrant squad. Detectives: Phil Hawkins, Mike Pascale and Chinere Mills, all from the sheriff’s office, cuffed Haye.

“Haye has been wanted on 1st degree Sexual Assault , and,  1st degree Kidnapping  of a 15 year old girl, stemming from an 2004 incident in Paterson,” according to Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff. Paul Sconciafurno, a detective with the office, coordinated information from various law enforcement sources, and located the suspect more than 40-miles away from the city.

Relying on information gathered by Sconciafurno detectives working in tandem with Franklin Township Police Department nabbed the suspect. “Based on this information a surveillance of the target area was conducted, resulting in the arrest of Haye without incident,” said Berdnik in a statement.

Haye is being held at the Passaic County Jail pending a court appearance. “The Sheriff’s Office Warrant Squad is constantly looking for fugitives from justice,” said Berdnik. “This suspect allegedly committed a serious crime, and it is appropriate that he is brought to justice.”

  • John Berdnik

    How is this possible? This guys is married with two kids and a lovely wife. These accusations cannot be true.

  • abdul hayes #1 supporter <3

    He is innocent! He loves his wife and kids very much he is a very respectable person. He has always been a father figure to me and he has always told me to do good in school and become successful in life and be a good person. He taught me my ethics and morals. I can't believe this happened now how is my aunt going to raise two kids on her own? This is going to mentally scar my two little cousins imagine what they're going through now and what they will go through when they are older. I don't care if nobody supports him I support my uncle and I know all these allegations against my uncle is not true!!! And to the people who reported him have you ever thought once what would happen to the children? If you don't even think about them for once your are cruel and cold hearted. And my aunt? She is crying like nonstop she loves him very much this is very hard for her to digest. She is a hard working woman and she didn't deserve this to happen to her. Thanks alot to the people who reported, you guys really broke our family apart .

    • muslim

      If he is guilty, then this is the best thing for the kids. If he's innocent, he'll get through it. Allah knows best, more than any of you.

      • abdul hayes #1 supporter <3

        Inshallah he'll get out because he is innocent. Please pray for him

  • citizen

    What do you mean, "how is this possible"…….Whether or not he is married with or sans kids is of no importance when he OBVIOUSLY is tied to this case in some way. Police don't just drive around randomly arresting innocent people. Your family members and friends must serve time if they commit the crime. Bottom line.

  • freedom21

    How about the girl that was assaulted first degree? Fuck him! Hope he gets it up the ass in jail

    • Old timer

      He was 23. The girl was 17. Her parents were strict. She got cought,blamed him. Her parents files charges for statutory rape….I thought he got locked up for it or something back then and woulda been out n done with it by then. I knew him back when it was going. And maybe he made the mistake
      Of even talking to someone he was not of age. But it defiantly was not sexual assault and kidnapping like this article says. I didn't know or don't understand why he ran, he shoulda fought the charged then. Probably would have gotten probation or something

      • Old timer

        Sorry article does say she was 15. Not sure if that's correct or not. 15-17 doesn't make it any more right or wrong. I understand the charges were serious. But def was not sexual assault and kidnapping

        • Guest

          look, my uncle is innocent this incident never occurred. im not going to go into details with this but the girl was mentally unstable.

    • abdul hayes #1 supporter <3

      hes my uncle dumbfuck he never did all this its all made up to make him look bad this incident never occurred. without sufficient information don't form a judgement!!!

  • Realist313

    This shit happen 9 years ago let that shit go if the girl don't have a problem with it now y would u get him for this now after 9 years if it was so bad they should of got him nine years ago

    • junglebunny

      Typical junglebunny behavior