30-year-old found dead on Martin Street | Paterson Times

30-year-old found dead on Martin Street


A man was found dead on Martin Street Saturday evening, according to the Paterson Police Department.

Wiliams Vasconello, 30-year-old, a resident of Crooks Avenue, was found dead at around 8 p.m. on Saturday, when officers responded to a call on Martin Street. “Upon their arrival, they discovered one male deceased.¬† This has been ruled a homicide,” according to police. It is not yet clear how the victim died or what motivated the suspect to murder him.

The family of¬†Vasconello is awaiting the medical examiner’s report to figure out the circumstances that led to the death, according to a relative of the victim.

Esteban Castillo, 33-year-old, a resident of Martin Street, was arrested for the murder of Vasconello. And the suspect has been charged with murder and weapon possession.

Correction: previously it was stated that the victim was shot by the suspect; however, the victim was not shot.