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Police impersonator arrested after 2-month investigation


A man who for months has been passing himself as a law enforcement officer for his personal benefit was arrested earlier today, announced the Richard Berdnik, the Passaic County Sheriff.

Christopher Saroldi, 31, a resident of Dumont, was arrested on Tuesday, after a two month long investigation by the sheriff’s office. “The Special Investigations Division of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office recently concluded a two month investigation into several criminal acts being committed by an individual posing as a member of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office,” read a statement from Berdnik.

“During the investigation the Special Investigations Division was notified of an individual who was fraudulently identifying himself as a Police Officer and Dispatcher with the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to gain medical services that he was not entitled to,” according to the sheriff’s office. Saroldi was obtaining prescription drugs by identifying himself as an officer.

The county sheriff’s office worked in tandem with the Dumont Police Department to catch Saroldi during the investigation. Saroldi was charged with “Impersonating a Police Officer, Theft of Services, and Obtaining Prescription Drugs by Fraud,” according to Berdnik. Saroldi, according to Berdnik, never worked in any capacity for his department. And the now caught suspect had a traffic ticket from Englewood Cliffs for which he had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest.

“The public needs to always be assured that no one is able to impersonate a police officer,” said Berdnik. Saroldi has been released after being charged, and awaits his day in court. “Fake officers diminish society’s trust the entire enforcement system,” said Berdnik.