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Teague: Dispatch from Atlantic City

I wish to report to you about my recent experience at the New Jersey School Boards Association, or NJSBA conference that took place from October 22nd – 24th. I arrived at the Atlantic City Convention Center on Tuesday afternoon. I was amazed at all of the vendors and information being provided. I had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of fellow school board members from various municipalities across the state of New Jersey.

Just like last year, there were many seminars, lectures and the like which presented invaluable information to us to take back to our respective districts. Information that encased knowledge for which, we were able to draw and learn from, such that we could be more equipped as school board members. To this, I am continually grateful to the NJSBA.

On Wednesday, our district superintendent, Dr. Donnie Evans, along with Deputy Eileen Shafer, delivered a superb presentation to a room filled with school board members. At that moment, I felt, even more than previously, proud of being a member of the Paterson Board of Education. I was particularly impressed to hear folks compliment the quality of the literature being handed out.

There were lectures on every facet of education. From closing the achievement gap to alternative programs, to learning more about creating an infrastructure of security within each school. I must admit, it was a wonderful experience. I feel more prepared to fulfill my responsibilities. I have in my possession, a plethora of tools that parents can utilize for their children just as a board member.

Parents. Always remember that you hold the greatest stake in your child’s educational success. It is your right to know what’s going on in the classrooms and it’s your right to make sure your child is receiving the best educational experience as possible. Speaking as a concerned parent myself, I know the challenges that go along with trying to keep up with your child’s school, but just do it.

No one will do it for us. In our role as parents comes a responsibility to protect them at all costs. I thank you for taking the time to read my letter today and please know that my door is always open and I’m always available to assist in anyway I can, provided you give me permission to.

Written by Corey Teague, a school board member, who attended a three-day education summit in Atlantic City.