University receives $3.2 million grant to train 40 Paterson teachers | Paterson Times

University receives $3.2 million grant to train 40 Paterson teachers


William Paterson University has been awarded a $3.2 million federal grant on Friday to train 40 Paterson public school teachers in educational leadership.

The grant, which will be disbursed over a period of five years, was issued by the United States Department of Education aimed at building capacity by training educators. “U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvement to support the development, enhancement and expansion of innovative programs to recruit, train, and mentor principals for high-needs school districts,” read a statement from the university.

“High quality examples of leadership can help shape a school’s culture and create an environment where students are excited to learn,” said Arne Duncan, secretary of education. “These grants aim to support the development of these leaders, ultimately improving the effectiveness of educators and the academic achievement of students.”

The money received through the grant will go into training teachers. “Funds from the ‘Leaders as Learners’ grant will support master’s degrees in educational leadership for 40 Paterson Public Schools (PPS) teachers,” according to the university. “These five-year grants will help prepare individuals to meet state certification requirements to become principals or assistant principals,” read a statement from the department.

The grant will train motivated teachers into becoming school principals by going through the university’s education program, and then earning a master’s degree which will allow them to become leaders in their own schools.

“We are pleased to have such solid partnerships with the PPS and are thrilled that we have received the support of the U.S. Department of Education for innovation in leadership preparation,” said Candace Burns, dean of the College of Education at the university, in a written statement. “As partners, WP and PPS can continue to provide the highest quality programs and supportive communities for teachers, school leaders, and the students whom we serve.”