9 out-of-town drug buyers and 1 dealer arrested | Paterson Times

9 out-of-town drug buyers and 1 dealer arrested


Ten people were arrested during the past two days buying or dealing drugs, announced the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

During a two day operation called taking the streets back one dealer at a time detectives from the sheriff’s office arrested nine out-of-towners and one-city resident for engaging in drug transactions.

Julio Pagan, 43, a city resident, was arrested with 750 glassine bags of heroin ready for distribution in his possession.

Mark Vanboeroum, 25, of Branchville, was arrested with 50 packets of heroin. Brian Jackson, 24, and Anthony Gibaldi, 26, both of Ridgefield, were arrested with 50 bags of heroin. Robert Pepe, 44, of Hillsdale, was arrested with another 50 bags.

Two women were also arrested during the two day operation. Kandice Heffenm, 27, of Wayne, was arrested while waiting to purchase illegal drugs: “She was observed attempting to obtain narcotics and charged with loitering to obtain CDS,” according to a written statement from Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff. Marian Basha, 19, of Haledon, another woman, who was arrested while waiting to engage in an illegal drug deal.

Three teenagers from Wayne who had successfully purchased marijuana were arrested during the operation. The names of the teens was not release due to their age. “They were later released to their parents,” said Berdnik.

The out-of-town adults, most of them buyers of heroin, were released on their own recognizance awaiting court appearance in the Paterson Municipal Court.

Pagan, the drug dealer, also had in his possession $1,794 which was seized by detectives. The dealer, when he was approached by officers, attempted to make a run with his drug and money; however detectives caught him after a brief chase. “Pagan fled the scene on foot when approached by detectives,” said Berdnik.

The ten arrests were made during the 30th and 31st of October, 2013.