Chiropractor gets 4-years for defrauding insurnace firms out of $89,283 | Paterson Times

Chiropractor gets 4-years for defrauding insurnace firms out of $89,283


Joseph Salomone, the chiropractor who operated out of Broadway, has been sentenced to four years in state prison for submitting false documents to insurance company to collect money, announced the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

Salomone had a number of people, who went through police reports to find accident victims, who were referred to the chiropractor for treatment. Salomone’s office would then administer bogus treatments, and send a large bill to insurance companies. Among the companies he defrauded include: Allstate Insurance Company, High Point Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, New Jersey Manufacturer’s Insurance Company and United States Automobile Association.

The chiropractor defrauded insurance companies out of $89,283 which he repaid after being caught. Another $75,000 fine was levied against Salomone by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Salomone paid off both of the amounts.

Much of the time the chiropractor had strange medical records on patients that continued to treat them even when there was no treatment necessary. “The patients’ medical records do not accurately reflect whether these patients actually needed to continue chiropractic care,” according to the office.

“Patients need to have trust that their chiropractors will work in their best interest and not in the interest of perpetuating fraud,” said John Hoffman, acting attorney general, in a written statement. “Salomone violated that trust and has been sentenced accordingly.”