Man arrested after running off with GPS near Hamilton Street | Paterson Times

Man arrested after running off with GPS near Hamilton Street


Raymond Saez, a correctional officer with the sheriff’s office, chased down and caught a suspect who had just broken into a parked car on Hamilton Street, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Kenneth Gayda, 42-year-old, a city resident, broke into a parked vehicle on a nearby street; when the owner of the vehicle spotted him walking away with a GPS device, Gayda began running away, but the owner chased after him while yelling for help.

Saez, who was supervising inmates cleaning the county jail visiting center under the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program, heard the man screaming for help. “Saez heard a man yelling for help and for police,” read a statement from Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff.

“Saez then observed the male, that was yelling for help, chasing after another male,” according to the office. “The man yelled that the individual running had just broken into his car.” The officer acted, and arrested Gayda. The suspect had in his possession the stolen device. “Saez found the stolen GPS unit on the suspect’s person,” said Berdnik in a statement.

Gayda, who had an warrant out for his arrest out of Clifton, was charged with theft and burglary.

“I wanted to commend Correction Officer Raymond Saez and others for working quickly to make this arrest,” said Berdnik. “This is yet another example of how the various units of the PCSO work together to help fight crime, and keep our residents safe no matter where it might occur.”