Paterson students sign up 250 uninsured for Obamacare | Paterson Times

Paterson students sign up 250 uninsured for Obamacare


I’d like to take this time to give recognition to 15 wonderful students:

1.  Shah M. Rahman
2.  Amel Youssef
3.  Mohammad Ferdous
4.  Amran Alsaidi
5.  Tayeba Arma
6.  Raqib Quyyum
7.  Nouhaila Akbour
8.  Shanza Begun
9.  Humayra Joyee
10. Shadidur Rahman
11. Zyheir Williams
12. Frankcarlos Castro
13. Luis Camacho
14. Xavier Rosario
15. Luis Dominguez

These students are part of the JFK Robotics/College Prep Team for John F. Kennedy High School. On Tuesday, February 18th, they took part in a healthcare drive that successfully helped 250 Paterson residents get insured through the Affordable Care Act. They worked tirelessly to assist the residents and help them through the process.

Because of their efforts and the leadership of Mr. Gilman Chourdury, 250 more residents are now insured. This is certainly a newsworthy story. If everyone took the same approach, hundreds of residents could be insured. Let’s all work together to see that everyone receives affordable healthcare.

Corey Teague
School board member