Charter school founder responds to “Charters lagging behind district schools‏” | Paterson Times

Charter school founder responds to “Charters lagging behind district schools‏”


I am the School Principal and Founder of the John P. Holland Charter School.  I understand that you have to duplicate stories or reports that the surrounding papers publish that focus on the City of Paterson, especially in education.  However, you have to consider where the articles are coming from and if they are truly news worthy.

Articles that just focus on charter schools especially on negativity need to be questioned.  Are they done by reporters that are linked to NJEA (which by the way has charters as members as well even though they talk negatively about them).  Are reporters trying to get on the same side of the Paterson Superintendent so that when stories are made public they receive the exclusive in? So many reports have been done to compare all schools.

Charters in Paterson are usually in the top quarter.  I actually can show you reports that we are in the top quarter. In reality charter schools have not been around as long as the regular Paterson Public Schools.  Science and Tech is the oldest running charter and they are a little over 10 years old.  John P Holland is now in their third year. How long have Paterson Public Schools been around…..how many years have they been considered failing, 20+.

I truly believe that no news is bad news, if it gets people talking that is great.  However, we have students and parents that attend our schools and when they read misinformation or    questionable information it hurts them.  In Paterson we need to highlight student achievement and bring a positive light to all educators in all schools.

Let’s not contribute to the states’ challenges of putting public schools and public charters against each other.  It is modern day discrimination.  We are ALL public schools.  I have never seen an article that pins School 9 against School 2, have you?

Please feel free to do your own reporting and come visit our schools. I truly believe you will be surprised at what you see.

Christina Scano
Founder of the John P. Holland Charter School