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Map: Gang controlled blocks of Paterson

When authorities busted a large number of gang bangers who roamed around the city dealing drugs, shooting, and robbing residents and outsiders, they released a list of streets controlled by Fruit Town Brims and Sex Money Murder, two Bloods street gang sets.

The two gangs collectively called by the Paterson Bloods because they usually worked together in furthering criminal enterprise, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The gang controlled a section of North Main Street in the city’s 1st Ward, calling that section between Jefferson Street and East Main Street “The Main.”

In the 4th Ward, where violence is rampant, the gang controlled three sections two separate sections of Rosa Parks Boulevard, calling the controlled areas, “The Boulevard.” A section of Governor Street controlled by the gang is known as “Up the Hill” to the gang members, according to the FBI. The gang also controlled a portion of 12th Avenue in the 3rd Ward.

In the 5th Ward the gang controlled a section of Park Avenue.

Inside the city’s 3rd Ward the gang controlled a section of 10th Avenue near East 30th Street.

Authorities arrested 28 members of the street gang, and released a list of blocks that were controlled by the gang. Inside these areas outsiders were prohibited from dealing drugs; only gang members with proper permission were allowed to deal heroin and crack cocaine in these sections. If another gang or an individual attempted to setup shop, the gang members violently beat them out of the area.

Petty dealers like marijuana peddlers and individuals who either grew up or were raised in the area were given the right to deal, but without the protection of the gang which often resulted in gang members robbing the small time dealers.

The map above only shows areas controlled by the Bloods street gang in the city, and does not include areas that might be controlled by other street gangs.

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    They control a lot more than these names areas.