Four out-of-town buyers and one drug dealer arrested | Paterson Times

Four out-of-town buyers and one drug dealer arrested


One drug dealer and four buyers were arrested during a motor vehicle stop near 5th Avenue on Wednesday, announced Richard Berdnik, the Passaic County Sheriff.

Brittany Mojak, 24, of Ledgewood; Jenna Iaconio, 23, of Flanders; Barbara Campbell, 24, of Hamburg; and Jason Reis, 24, of Bud Lake, were inside a green Toyota Camry that was circling the area of East 24th Street and Park Avenue.

Officers noted Mojak, driver of the vehicle, exit the car and approach a gold Honda Pilot that was parked near the curb with the drug dealer inside.

Ricardo Murdock, the drug dealer, city resident, was observed by officers exchanging packets of heroin for cash with Mojak. “Detectives observed Mojak hand Murdock money in exchange for Heroin,” according to the sheriff.

“Mojak returned to her vehicle and both vehicle departed the scene in opposite,” according to the sheriff. Officers followed both vehicles, and conducted two separate motor vehicle stops.

After arresting all four buyers, officers searched the vehicle and found 102 glassine envelopes of heroin inside the car – the packets were spread in different locations inside the vehicle.

After arresting the drug dealer officers searched his vehicle and found 40 glassine bags of heroin and $320 of cash. “The total street value of the narcotics recovered was about $1400,” according to the sheriff.

“When you attempt to purchase narcotics in Passaic County, look over your shoulder because a member of law enforcement might be not only watching, but also getting ready to put you in custody,” said Berdnik. “The Sheriff’s office will continue to arrest individuals who come into Passaic County for the purpose of buying narcotics.”

The four buyers have been charged with drug possession and released pending a court appearance. The drug dealer was charged with possession and distribution. “The 2003 Honda Pilot, registered to Ricardo Murdock was also seized, pending forfeiture,” according to Berdnik.