School 16 construction to begin end of Spring | Paterson Times

School 16 construction to begin end of Spring


An elementary school project that was approved for construction some years ago has advanced forward with the award of a $34.9 million contract, announced the New Jersey Schools Development Authority on Wednesday.

“Construction activities on PS #16 Elementary School are forecasted to begin in late spring/early summer of 2014,” read the announcement issued by the authority. The elementary school which was announced to be built some years ago, will finally see construction, latest, by June 2014.

The 109,513 square feet school set to be located on 22nd Avenue will have a capacity of 645 students from kindergarten to eight grades. Inside the building will be 22 general classrooms: four pre-kindergarten classrooms, three kindergarten classrooms, specialized instruction classrooms and labs; a media center, a cafetorium (an auditorium that doubles as a cafeteria), administrative and support facilities, and a gymnasium.

“The project also includes outdoor play and learning areas, an exterior maintenance and service area, and limited parking,” according to the authority.

A Howell company, Hall Construction Company, Inc., was awarded a $34.9 million contract in December to build the school. Since January the firm, working in tandem with a New Brunswick company, Design Ideas Group Architecture, has been coming up with a building design.

The design-build contract awarded to the construction company allows for quicker completion of the project as two firms work simultaneously on design and construction. “The design-build method being used for PS #16 Elementary School differs from the traditional approach by allowing for some design and construction activities to proceed concurrently through phased advancement,” according to the authority.

The state expects the construction to be completed before the fall 2016-2017 school year.