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Two arrested and stolen vehicle recovered on Broadway


A sheriff’s officer arrested two suspects who were inside a stolen vehicle and had multiple outstanding warrants for their arrest during the early morning hours of Sunday, announced the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Chisholm, 22, a city resident, and Danaysha Betts, 22, another city resident, were inside a stolen vehicle near Broadway and Auburn Street at 1:55 a.m. when a sheriff’s officer’s automated license plate scanner went off, alerting him the vehicle was stolen.

Craig Goodson, the officer, stopped the vehicle, arresting Chisholm and Betts. “Ms. Betts had two outstanding warrants out of the City of Paterson,” according to the sheriff’s office. She was charged for receiving stolen property.

“Mr. Chisholm also had outstanding Bergen County Warrants and was charged on Summons Complaint with receiving stolen property,” according to the sheriff’s office. Chisholm also had a number of outstanding motor vehicle tickets. “Mr. Chisholm was also issued (3) three motor vehicle summons unlicensed driver, Failure to exhibit registration card, and uninsured motorist,” according to authorities.

Betts had in her possession $1,138.

“State of the art technology in many our patrol cars makes it possible to scan a large amount of license plates in a short amount of time to determine if any are stolen,” said Richard Berdnik, the county sheriff. “I promise, that if you are found in a stolen vehicle, more likely than not, you will be arrested.”

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    Jerry S. got the two plate reader cars years ago.