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Letter: Homage to Hodges


I would like to take a moment to give honor where honor is due. I want to briefly speak about a man who has been on the front lines for well over a decade when it comes to advocating for the children of Paterson. A man who has fought the good fight to protect, defend and serve all of the educational needs of all of the students in the Paterson School District.

A man who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. A man who’s works are also rarely recognized. A man who researches tirelessly to find solutions to the problems that plague our academic system. A man who would never take “No.” for an answer despite how difficult the battle was. A man who demonstrates what it means to be a leader even when it’s unpopular.

A man, who, I’ve personally witnessed go toe to toe with everyone and anyone in a moments notice when it came to fighting for what’s right, a fight which continues to this very day. A man who will never back away from his position and purpose for serving his city to the best of his ability. He is truly an advocates advocate. A voice for the voiceless. A true warrior.

A man who we can all learn a great deal from, if we take the time to listen to the words he speaks. A man who’ll always be available to listen to the concerns of the parents. A man who will use every ounce of his power, ability and skill to reach the masses with the message of truth and right knowledge. He is often the subject of criticism for being so influential.

We don’t always agree but I respect his position. I respect his passion for the cause and his undying resolve to see all of Paterson’s students succeed by any means necessary. The man I am writing to you about tonight. A man I most admire is that of Dr. Jonathon Hodges. He is a veteran school board member and a dedicated public servant. I salute you, Dr. Hodges.

Corey Teague
School board member