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Teague: Goow for mayor


My name is Corey L. Teague. I am a member of the Paterson Board of Education, which represents the 3rd largest municipality in the state of New Jersey. I am also a 15 year community activist and I have been an ordained minister since 1996. I have been active in the city of Paterson for many years and continue to remain a vital part of youth advocacy.

The reason for writing this letter to you today has nothing to do with me. I am writing this letter today to express my support for a man who has proven that he understands what leadership is. A man who knows how to govern a city and has done so for over 12 years. I am in full support of a man who Paterson is in dire need of if it is to become safe again.

This is a man with an actual tangible plan. A man who loves his city and will fight to protect it at all costs. A man who knows no intimidation. He will not bow down to any establishment. He will not make side deals or exploit taxpayers for his benefit. He will not allow corruption to dwell in city hall or in any other city department from the moment he is elected Mayor.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own candidate to select. Aslon Goow is my candidate of choice for Mayor of the City of Paterson. I have selected to endorse Mr. Goow because I know him to be an upstanding man of integrity and strength. Many people say that he is tough. Well, in my professional opinion, tough is what Paterson needs now.

We need someone who is going to take charge immediately and steer this city back on the right track. We need someone who will not allow business to continue as it has in the past. We need someone who is going to hold folks accountable from city hall to the local bodega. We need someone who we can rely on, depend on, look up to. Someone who we can trust.

The public has lost faith in the city’s government. They don’t feel like city hall cares about their needs anymore. It’s time to reverse this curse. It’s time to restore faith in Paterson. It’s time to rekindle responsibility in government. Aslon Goow can and will do that in one year. In fact, Mr. Goow made a vow to leave office if he couldn’t clean up the city in one years time.

I don’t believe any other candidate has made such a vow. And it’s not far fetched. Mr. Goow understands that people are tired of the same old style of politics that have plagued our city. He’s not here to simply make change (money off the taxpayers) he wants to be a change maker. He will show the residents of the City of Paterson how a Mayor should truly function.

On Tuesday, May 13h. Vote 1A. One because Goow is the ONE to get the job DONE. A because he will ASSUME his role as Mayor the second he is sworn into that seat. Just remember. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives and even enemies. It’s time to fix the problems that consumed this city for far too long. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Vote Alson Goow For Mayor

Corey Teague
School board member