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Authorities raid two heroin mills finding drugs and guns


Six men were arrested and two heroin mills were raided during a weekend operation conducted by federal, state and county law enforcement officials, announced the New Jersey State Police.

Five city men and one New York man were arrested and charged with various drug and weapons charges. Manuel Perez-Guerrero, 29; Luis Manuel Tejada, 40; Franklin Mejia, 43; Juan E. Perez-Guerrero, 22; Alexander Padro, 23, all city residents, and Lakey S. Guerra-Pujols, 29, of Oakfield, NY, were apprehended without an incident, according to authorities.

On Saturday, authorities pulled over a 2010 Honda Accord in Saddle Brook. Inside the vehicle were Perez-Guerrero, driver, and Padro, passenger, and “materials consistent with the packaging and distribution of heroin,” according to authorities.

State troopers pulled over a 2003 Ford Explorer that was carrying large amount of heroin in Hackensack that was being driven by Perez-Guerrero with Guerra-Pujols sitting in the passenger seat. “The investigation at the scene led to the discovery of 165 bricks of heroin and .40 caliber hollow point bullets, which were located in a hidden compartment inside the vehicle,” said authorities.

Both stops, say authorities, were conducted as part of a heroin distribution investigation conducted by state police in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Authorities, then raided 64 18th Avenue and 258 Spring Street arresting Manuel-Tejada and Mejia.

“A search of both residences revealed drugs, weapons, and materials consistent with the manufacturing and distribution of heroin,” according to authorities.

Inside the 18th Avenue home detectives found a semi-automatic .40 caliber handgun, hollow point bullets, materials used to package heroin, and $16,841 in cash. Inside the Spring Street home detectives found 146 bricks of heroin, a semi-automatic .45 caliber handgun, handgun silencer, cocaine, material used to package heroin, and a 2004 Nissan Quest that had ounces of raw heroin inside with a .380 caliber handgun stored inside a hidden compartment.

“Due to the tireless efforts of the detectives involved, these drugs will never make it into our communities,” said Rick Fuentes, head of the state troopers. “The success of this operation prevented the distribution of a large quantity of heroin, and removed guns from the hands of criminals.”

“The only way to truly stop the flow of illegal drugs is by actively enforcing our laws, and arresting those involved in its distribution,” said Richard Berdnik, Passaic County Sheriff. “I want to commend the New Jersey State Police, DEA, and our other partners who participated in this significant narcotics enforcement operation.”