Letter: Goow’s anti-poverty plan gets resident endorsement | Paterson Times

Letter: Goow’s anti-poverty plan gets resident endorsement


One of deepest roots of Paterson’s problems is the pervasive poverty that plagues us.  Over half of the city’s people – my neighbors and your neighbors – struggle every day to put food on the table, pay their rent, and lift themselves up.

Many of those affected are senior citizens and children.  Many people, elected officials included, seem to accept this as a mere reality, it’s something that we can’t change.

It’s election time in Paterson, and no one running for mayor has any plan to address this except for Aslon Goow.

According to his plan, “Fighting Poverty on the Local Level”, a few of the many things Goow would do is set a goal to cut the poverty rate by 50%, would create a task force and an Anti-Poverty Advocate’s Office in City Hall, will use poverty Impact statements to assess city decisions, and will provide support and partnership with social organizations to combat poverty head-on.

Some might say that this is too lofty, that it could never work.  But at least Goow has a plan, at least Goow cares enough about people to combat this problem in Paterson, and at least Goow is setting a goal and a starting point.

So far, he is the only true visionary who is setting goals and creating a real plan of action.  Should we expect anything less from our next mayor?

Dora Cohen
1st Ward resident