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Letter: Hillcrest resident endorses Goow


The quality of life in Paterson has gone downhill over the last few decades to which anyone who has lived here for most of their lives, such as myself, can attest.  Some neighborhoods went against that trend, such as Hillcrest, and have grown and improved.  This was the result of the residents working together with strong elected officials.

In the 2nd Ward, we saw for 12 years the results of the efforts of community-minded residents and our dedicated Councilman Aslon Goow. We saw what he accomplished as Councilman, and it’s a testament to what he will do as Mayor.

He got rid of the gangs on the street corners.  He eliminated most of the open drug markets. He had more roads paved than any other Ward. He partnered with law enforcement to bring visible police presence, and he himself was the most visible elected official in the City.  The 2nd Ward became one the most desirable and safest areas of Paterson, and that was no accident – it took a dedicated effort by the community along with the strong dedication and guidance of Aslon Goow.

He was a “quality of life” Councilman, and he will be a “quality of life” Mayor. Aslon Goow was the major force behind the resurrection of the 2nd Ward, and he will be the major force behind the resurrection of the entire City of Paterson.

Georgia Daniel
Hillcrest section resident