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Former deputy mayor: Goow will focus on economic development


As a Hispanic business owner, 6th Ward resident, and former Deputy Mayor of Paterson, I know the challenges facing small businesses and residents in our City.

Aslon Goow has a plan that will be effective, starting with reducing crime, restoring fiscal sanity, and working towards full employment opportunities for Paterson residents.

For small business owners, he will start a micro-loan program for Paterson residents who own businesses in the City and employ other City residents.  This will be most beneficial to small business owners looking to expand or residents who wish to start one.

In the past, economic development has only benefitted developers, outside interests, and politicans, and hasn’t benefitted Paterson families like some candidates are now trying to claim – in the year 2000, the median family income was around $32,000 and 14 years later, it is still around $32,000.

This is not progress for the people. Center City, Lowe’s, and Home Depot may look nice for campaign postcards, but the truth is that they did very little to economically benefit our families.

Aslon Goow will focus on economic development that directly revitalizes the areas that are in need – such as the 1st and 4th Wards – in addition to strengthening our already established business corridors.

There are many other points and ideas in Aslon Goow’s economic renewal platform, and I urge all business owners and residents to take a look at his plan at www.aslongoow.com.

As Mayor, Aslon will not only be effective in making our streets cleaner and safer but will also be a visionary leader for economic renewal in our neighborhoods.

Maria Rivas
Former Deputy Mayor of Paterson