City to purchase traffic message alert displays | Paterson Times

City to purchase traffic message alert displays


The city council is set to approve funding to purchase two traffic message alerts displays from a Pennsylvania based company for $23,254.

InstAlert 24, the traffic message alert display, from All Traffic Solutions, a Pennsylvania based firm, will allow the city’s office of emergency management to display messages when a road is closed or during emergencies.

“That’s what we need because we need to get alerted few days ahead of time if something’s going to be closed,” said Ruby Cotton, 4th Ward councilwoman and chairperson of the public safety committee.

The alert system comes with a web-based control panel where an emergency management employee can easily log in to add and remove messages from the digital display screen.

Cotton suggested the alert system will allow the city to post messages on certain streets and bridges that may be closed for construction or some other purpose to allow drivers and pedestrians to plan alternative routes.

The council is set to approve the funds during its next regular meeting.