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Audit finds court neglecting to retain Ticket Delete Report


The city’s municipal court is not printing and retaining copies the court ticket delete report as is required by the Administrative Office of the Courts procedures manual, according to an audit completed last month.

The ticket delete report deals with deleted traffic tickets. “The Municipal Court Ticket Delete Report is not being printed (and retained) on a weekly basis and reviewed,” reads an audit finding by Donohue, Gironda & Dora, a Bayonne based accountancy.

The auditors completed their report, using data from 2013, on May 5th, 2014, and provided recommendation to the city suggesting, “The Ticket Delete Report should be printed (retained), reviewed, and authorized by a Municipal Court Supervisor on a weekly basis.”

The auditors looking at three months’ worth of ticket delete reports did not find any improper deletes. “The three months of current ticket deletes we received did not appear to show any ‘improper’ deletes,” note the auditor in the report.

In a corrective action plan that is to be submitted to the state’s Division of Local Government Services, a court official stated, “We are currently printing, reviewing and maintaining a file of the Ticket Delete Report on a weekly basis.”

The official noted the measure was implemented in March of this year.

Manuel Quiles, the city’s court director, did not respond to messages seeking his comments for this story.