Redwood Avenue man distributing heroin out of home arrested, 1,610 packets of heroin recovered | Paterson Times

Redwood Avenue man distributing heroin out of home arrested, 1,610 packets of heroin recovered


A city man is in police custody after authorities found him distributing hundreds of packets of heroin out of his home, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives from the sheriff’s office arrested 21-year-old Rajon Leftwich-Reed on Thursday following a two-week investigation. Leftwich-Reed was spotted leaving his Redwood Avenue home with what appeared to be five bricks of heroin ready for distribution. A brick of heroin contains 50 packets that are individually sold to drug users.

Leftwich-Reed tucked the bricks inside his pants as detective watched and began walking towards Chamberlain Avenue. Detectives attempted to stop Leftwich-Reed, but he began running through nearby Buckley Park. Detectives followed.

When sheriff’s officers caught up with Leftwich-Reed he ditched the bricks by pulling them out of his pants and throwing them on the roof of an apartment building, according to sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Detectives placed Leftwich-Reed under arrest and called in the Paterson Fire Department to retrieve the bricks the suspect attempted to hide on the roof. Fire fighters retrieved five bricks of heroin or 250 glassines packets taped together, Berdnik said.

Leftwich-Reed was arrested and transported back to his apartment. Detectives obtained consent to search his home where more heroin was found. “Inside the residence an additional 1,360 glassine envelopes of heroin were recovered,” Berdnik said. “The recovered narcotics have a street value of more than $15,000.”

Leftwich-Reed was charged with two counts of third degree heroin possession, two counts of intent to distribute first and second degree, and third degree intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school. He was also charged with second degree intent to distribute within 500 feet of a park, fourth degree obstruction of a government function, and third degree resisting arrest.

Detectives have handed over Leftwich-Reed to the city’s police lockup pending a bail hearing, Berdnik said.

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    they should have watched him longer to find out who the bigger dealer was giving him the drugs.

    • NannaT

      I say that ALL the time. Watch guys like him to see who's supplying them. They keep locking up the street level dealers and in the meantime, the BIG boys are fine. Then they recruit more to replace the ones incarcerated.


    well he is to slappyyy so ..maybe they fill he will talk..

  • sheepdog

    Why is it the police should have done this? Yea they should just let him keep dealing hoping maybe they can find more. You have no clue the amount of work time manpower it takes if it was so easy everyone would b aressted. Police dont have resources and cant allow more drugs to be dealt when they can stop it. How about they did great job. Stop watching tv shows they re not realistic. Thank you guys good job.