District pays out $7,700 to settle student’s slip and fall lawsuit | Paterson Times

District pays out $7,700 to settle student’s slip and fall lawsuit


The city’s school district paid out $7,700 two weeks ago to settle a lawsuit filed by the guardian of a Don Bosco Technology Academy student, who fell and injured herself at the school.

The guardian of Kymia Frye alleged that the student slipped and fell near a vending machine at the school on March 19th, 2013. Frye “slipped and fell on liquid near the vending machine which was negligently maintained, constructed, and or controlled by the” school, reads the suit.

A medical examination found the girl had sustained “a lumbar disc bulge at LS-S1,” according to Charles Gleason, a Haledon based chiropractor. LS-S1 identifies a vertebral segment located in the lower back.

Gleason wrote in a statement to the court that Frye had gone through a complete recovery by September of 2013, following the administration of a “treatment” that was of a “conservative nature.”

The lawsuit filed in June 2014 by the law firm of Salomon and Aquino sought the girl’s medical expenses, cost of legal action, and other damages. The district denied the alleged incident, but opted to settle the suit paying $4,578 towards Frye’s medical and legal expenses.

And an additional $3,122 in damages to the girl. The latter amount is being held at the Surrogate of Passaic County Intermingled Trust Fund, from where the youth will be able to withdraw the funds upon reaching suffrage age, according to the settlement agreement.

School board members approved the settlement during a meeting two weeks ago.