Juveniles assault youth during community service; city pays $3,500 | Paterson Times

Juveniles assault youth during community service; city pays $3,500


A city program that seeks to provide at-risk youths with a “positive environment” saw one of its participants getting assaulted by other juveniles participating in the same program.

The youth, Eric Carter, was allegedly assaulted by other program participants while completing community service with the Youth Services Bureau.

The promised positive environment did not materialize for Carter whose family sued the bureau following the incident.

Carter’s lawsuit resulted in the city paying out $3,500 early last week.

“The Youth Services Bureau provides a positive environment to our Paterson’s juveniles who might be potential offenders or institutionalized by the Juvenile Justice System,” reads a blurb on the city’s website about the program.

The bureau’s description states it works with youths and their families to ensure at-risk city youngsters stay clear of criminal activities.

Members of the governing body approved the settlement last Tuesday without public discussion.

Laquan Hargrove, the bureau’s director, could not immediately be reached for comments for this story on Monday morning.