Two-day warrant crackdown yields 23 arrests | Paterson Times

Two-day warrant crackdown yields 23 arrests


A two-day warrant enforcement operation resulted in the arrest of 23 people, announced the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday afternoon. Detectives from the sheriff’s office were out in full force on September 16 and 17 implementing “Operation Clean Sweep.”

“The operation produced 23 defendants being arrested regarding warrants,” sheriff Richard Berdnik said. “24 child support warrants being cleared.”

Not every arrest went smoothly. City resident Keishawn Scudder, 35, resisted arrest while detectives attempted bring him into custody. Scudder slipped away when officers attempted to make an arrest, but he did not go far.

Sergeant Thomas Adamo went after Scudder. Adamo regained control of the suspect, but Scudder purposely struck the sergeant with his elbow in an attempt to free himself. Officers Rashedul Chowdhury and Atli Sela assisted in securing Scudder.

Scudder who had an outstanding warrant has been charged with resisting arrest by force, resisting arrest by force, and aggravated assault on an officer, Berdnik said.

On another city street, officers recognized Claude Williams, 37, walking down Jackson Street with a bottle of Corona in the one hand and a clear plastic bag in the other. Williams noticed the detectives and immediately dropped his Corona bottle in the garbage can and the plastic bag on the sidewalk.

Detectives recovered the plastic bag finding 84 baggies of crack-cocaine. Another bag recovered from Williams contained four grams of heroin. Total value of the drugs is approximately $1,800, sheriff said.

Williams is being charged with drug possession, intent to distribute, and intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school, Berdnik said.

Of the 23 another unnamed suspect was found with 13 baggies of heroin. The sheriff dubbed the operation as “spring cleaning.”

“Though it is fall, I felt that this was the time to do some more spring cleaning,” Berdnik said. “It is essential that law enforcement continue to enforce the criminal and civil orders of the courts.”