Alleged police assault on resident costs city $50,000 | Paterson Times

Alleged police assault on resident costs city $50,000


City officials approved $50,000 on Tuesday evening to settle a police brutality lawsuit brought forth by a city resident.

Tyree Glover, a city resident, sued the city’s police department following an alleged violent encounter with a police officer simply named “Officer Bradly” at the intersection of Preakness and Union Avenues in 2010.

Glover alleged that on January 7th, 2010, he was at the cross section of Preakness and Union Avenues, when Bradly, who was assigned to a construction site, allegedly confronted him. “Without any provocation or justification, Officer Bradley yelled at Glover and demanded to know why he was ‘looking at him,’” alleges Glover’s suit. “Officer Bradley, in a threatening matter [sic], ordered Glover to never walk on ‘his street.’”

Glover ignored the officer and continued walking. “Bradley forcibly grabbed Glover and physically assaulted him, among other things, throwing Glover against the car and then slamming his head against the same car,” reads the suit.

Bradly “kicked his legs apart, and physically manhandled him in public,” reads the suit. The officers then conducted an intrusive and humiliating search of Glover’s person. Bradly did not find any drugs on Glover’s person, according to the suit.

Bradly, after completing a search of Glover, allegedly told him: if you “ever walked this way again, I’ll fuck you up.”

Glover states the search of his person violated a basic right guaranteed to him by the United States constitution. Glover also states several other basic rights were trampled when the officer targeted him for a stop. Glover’s case is tinged with race language making a reference to the officer as “white.”

Council members approved the settlement during a special meeting following a closed door meeting.

Bradly is no longer employed with the city’s police department.