Employee discrimination costs city $68,000 | Paterson Times

Employee discrimination costs city $68,000


The city’s governing body on Tuesday evening approved one settlement and held back on another amounts totaling $113,000 settling an employee discrimination case and a promotion passover lawsuit.

The largest amount $68,000 was paid out to settle a lawsuit brought forth by Janice Northrop, a former clerical employee at the Community Development Department. Northrop was passed over for promotion during the reign of Lanisha Makle at the department under mayor Jeffery Jones’ tenure.

Northrop alleged city officials racially discriminated against her. Another city employee at the city’s health department was also passed over for promotion which resulted in a lawsuit.

Thakur “Paul” Persaud, program manager for disease prevention and control, filed papers in court after he was passed over for promotion despite receiving high marks in the state’s Civil Service Commission exams for the position. Persaud managed to score better than others vying for the same position; however, the city overlooked him for another, less experienced employee, Trevor Weigle.

The city also violated its own ordinance for hiring city residents by overlooking Persaud, a city resident, for Weigle, a non-resident.

Persaud’s suit was set to be settled for $45,000 payout and a salary increase. Persaud, who is currently a program manager at the health department, was set to see a salary adjustment from $51,000 to $75,000, according to the terms of the settlement. However, the council voted against the settlement.

Correction: the city council voted against Persaud’s settlement.