Ambulance stolen on East 19th Street; recovered in Prospect Park | Paterson Times

Ambulance stolen on East 19th Street; recovered in Prospect Park


A city ambulance was stolen during the early morning hours of Sunday after it responded to an emergency in East 19th Street.

Police received a call of stolen ambulance at around 3:20 a.m. on Sunday from outside of 485 East 19th Street. Officers were dispatched to the area, but the ambulance was nowhere in sight.

Officers wanted to track the vehicle using inbuilt Global Positioning System (GPS), but were told this particular ambulance did not have GPS.

As police searched the city looking for the missing ambulance they received alert that an ambulance was passing through the intersection of Governor Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard. The city’s fire department confirmed that it did not dispatch any ambulance in that area at 4 a.m. Officers responded to the area, but found no ambulance.

More than an hour later police located the ambulance in Prospect Park about 1.5 miles from where it was stolen at around 4:25 a.m. It was unoccupied and abandoned at the intersection of North 7th Street and Fairview Avenue in Prospect Park.

Police did not immediately find any suspects.

  • EMThero

    Looks like an inside job. Either a local competitor stole the ambulance for equipments (see you is having an ambulance inspection this week with the state) or an ambulance company owed by firefighters are trying to win a bid with Paterson. Many of their dialysis patients are not legit patients as they can walk and so far this company has close to 10 ambulance within less than 2 years. This incident could cost Paterson ambulance so keep an eye out if something hazy is happening in city hall.

    • dafeature

      Dude you're and idiot. The fire department runs the EMS division in the city. Get your facts before you start assuming

      • Luis Escobar

        You understood that rambling?

  • EMThero

    Jonathan Greene who can contact me

  • Kary Testino

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I can't stop laughing… LOLOLOLOL ambulance gets stolen….. How the eff does an ambulance get stolen when they have a key removal anti-theft system??? WTF ??? this is comical… so comical.