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Man fatally shot multiple times on Rosa Parks Boulevard


A man was fatally shot during the early morning hours of Sunday on Rosa Parks Boulevard.

The victim, Ramere Lockhart, 20, was found wounded with multiple gunshot wounds inside 261 Rosa Parks Boulevard at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. It’s not clear whether the victim was shot inside the apartment but police have found a weapon and shell casings at the scene.

Shortly after police arrived the victim succumbed to his wounds. An ambulance rushed to the scene but it was too late. The victim was pronounced dead.

Two children were inside the apartment who were checked by medics. The kids were not injured.

Minutes before police received the call about a man wounded by gunfire another call was received at around 4:29 a.m. that six shots were fired in the area of Hamilton Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard. The city’s gunfire detection system also went off.

The caller stated that bullets were fired in the air. It is not clear if the two incidents are connected.

Police have said they are investigating the incident.

Updated: 9 p.m. 10/5/2014

  • Florine

    Pray is needed. Save my hometown families." Put the guns down".

  • Corey L Teague
  • marlisa montgomery.

    My old neighberhood has gone deadly people gettin killed i left intime i thanks the lird that i got out when i did with my daughter or i could have been a victums of deadly shootings thTs goin on now again pleasse get out why u can.its happening everday.we supppose to help one another not kill each other.

    • Colette Bannister-Matthews

      I just left Paterson. I'm not looking back

  • Hollis Theodore

    I moved from Paterson in 96 not because of the violence but for other personal reasons. From what I see and hear from that time on is that the citizens of Paterson are giving up on their city. Since then when I visit the streets are dirty with trash and I say what happened to this town? Where are the homeowners first don't they value their property and if just one of them was keeping their property clean then go back to the books of law and call city hall to report the other homeowners who are not cleaning their property or letting the trash pile up all over the street destroying the value of the neighborhood. And why are so many people just hanging out at gas stations and in front of business doing nothing or maybe making illegal transactions 24/7. Where are the Police, those business owners must be afraid even threaten by these law breaking people. It seems to me that the politicians are being voted in getting a pay check then go to city hall or whatever they do their business and really doing nothing to bring back this city. You the citizens of Paterson take note you have the power to take back your town. Run for office get those others out nothing is being done it's sad to only hear of people leaving and afraid to live in Paterson. Call a city wide meeting with everyone from all sides of Paterson you the citizens need to do something before it's you saying I am also leaving Paterson. Don't let that happen take back Paterson citizens now!!!