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251 city students score “perfect” on NJASK


The city’s school board on Wednesday evening recognized 251 city students for having achieved high marks on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK), a standardized exam given to 3-8 grade students.

Among the 251 recognized, 163 students earned “perfect” scores on the math assessment; 12 gained perfect scores on the science assessment; 8 earned perfect scores on both math and science; and 84 students managed perfect scores in math for two or more years in a row, with 11 students having achieved perfect scores for four consecutive years and one student for six years, according to the district.

163 earned perfect scores for the first time and 84 earned the distinction more than once; 4 earned perfect scores in science alone, totaling 251 student with perfect scores. Some students, as has been indicated above, have earned perfect scores on both science and math: 12 earned perfect scores in science, 8 of whom also earned the same distinction in math.

“When we started this celebration in 2011, we had just begun implementing our ‘Bright Futures’ Strategic Plan with its top priority to accelerate student achievement,” said Donnie Evans, state-appointed district superintendent, in a news release. “Tonight we are recognizing more than double the number of students who achieved this feat four years ago.  This is yet another example of the great progress being made in Paterson as we prepare our children for both college and career.”

Last year, the district had 180 students, who scored perfect. With 251 students earning perfect, this year the district celebrated a marked improvement. “I congratulate these students and their parents and guardians for this outstanding accomplishment,” said Evans.

This article was updated on Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at 11 a.m.