City students win awards for artistic expression, writing prowess | Paterson Times

City students win awards for artistic expression, writing prowess


Four city students were recognized earlier in the week for winning an assortment of writing, poetry, and artistic awards.

Rosa Parks High School students Nia Adams and Wendoly Mora were recognized for getting accepted into the Minorities in Journalism Workshop at the S.I. Newhouse School of Communication sponsored by Syracuse University and the Record newspaper.

Another student from the same high school, Madelin Grullon won second place in the statewide 2014 Mahatma Gandhi writing contest sponsored by the Association of Indians in America.

The staff of the “Pegasus” yearbook at the 12th Avenue high school also received a silver medal in the Garden State Scholastic Press Association annual yearbook contest for 2014. “Although silver represents second place, I would like to point out, we missed the gold award by a mere five points,” said state-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans during the recognition presentation on Wednesday evening.

English teacher Courtney Goch accepted the recognition certificate for the yearbook team. “Ms. Goch is the teacher of all these outstanding communication arts students – congratulations to her,” added Terry Corallo, district spokesperson.

The fourth student, sixth grader Gabrielle Edwards from the Norman Weir School, was recognized for receiving the “Youth Award for Artistic Expression” from Kids Express Magazine for crafting a poem on self-image and individualism.

“There were only two winners, one at the high school level and one at the elementary school level in the tri-state area, the high school winner was from White Plains, New York, and — I’m so proud to say – the elementary school student is from Paterson’s Norman S. Weir,” said Grace Giglio, principal of the elementary school.

“Works produced by these talented student writers illustrate in a very tangible way the ideals we endeavor to attain here in Paterson,” remarked Evans, who distributed recognition certificates to the students.