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Almost three-month after hiring Robles city did not inform civil service of appointment


The state’s civil service commission in a letter to business administrator Nellie Pou is seeking answers as to why Lydia Robles’ information was not entered into the commission’s county and municipal personnel system (CAMPS).

“There is no record of such appointment in CAMPS, nor is the civil service aware of such appointment,” read a letter from the commission dated December 30th, 2014. More than two-month after hiring Robles, who was hired on October 27th, 2014, the city did not submit her information to the commission.

The letter gave Pou 15 days to respond with an answer.

On January 13th, the business administrator, in response to the letter, explained the city’s former personnel director Betty Taylor was to blame for the submission delay. Pou said Taylor, who was suspended on November 7th, 2014 “left several items pending” including the transmission of Robles’ information to the commission. Pou stated in the letter that the information was submitted to the commission on January 13th, 2015.

Pou’s hiring of Robles, who dropped out of the mayoral race last year to endorse then mayoral candidate Jose “Joey” Torres, has been under intense scrutiny: officials have said Robles lacks the qualifications to be an auditor.

Robles, who during the campaign said she was a stay-at-home mother, claims in her resume she has worked for several companies as an auditor. She lists Sylvan Paper Corporation and Arc Renovations as two firms in which she worked under the title of “internal audit.”

Her resume, which is rife with employment overlaps – she worked for North American Papers from 1999-2005; she worked for Sylvan Paper from 2000-2008 – shows she earned an associate degree in psychology from Passaic County Community College and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Montclair University.

The auditor title requires the appointee to have a four-year degree, which she has, and 21 semester hour credits in accounting, which, whether she has or not, remains uncertain.

Messages seeking Robles’ comments for this story went unanswered.

With a four-year degree in psychology it’s not clear whether Robles has the required credits for the position. When asked whether she checked Robles’ transcript to see whether she has the requisite credits for the position, Pou said she did not have to check by going through the transcript and that she took Robles’ word for it.

Pou’s almost three-page long letter conspicuously leave out Robles’ education. The business administrator sings the praise of Robles’ stating she is a “quick learner,” and has a “strong mathematics background.”

The business administrator also wrote Robles has been auditing payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreements the city has with various entities. “During her auditing, the City of Paterson has found over $60,000 owed to the City of Paterson that was missed by the previous auditor, some since 2011,” wrote Pou.

“That has not been reported to the council,” said William McKoy, 3rd Ward councilman. “It’s conceivable, but I have not seen any evidence of that.”

“I don’t know how that happens, the PILOT agreements are fixed agreements,” said Kenneth Morris, councilman at-large, who chairs the city council’s finance committee. He said the agreements are fixed by ordinance with a payment schedule.

“If in fact there was some savings I’d be real interested in knowing how it happened because that would suggest to me there’s a flaw in the system since you have fixed agreements,” said Morris.

The state’s department of community affairs (DCA), approved the waver for Robles’ hiring, under the condition that it be consistent with the civil service title. A department spokesperson said she needed additional time to respond in January.

  • Benard Simmons

    she is cute Y doesn't the council sit with dis young lady to discuss the "savings" cuz the council is lost how the "savings" were found . the council and media have so much animosity towards this chiq who clearly is helping the city get their $h!t together

  • Rob Easton

    Fools! Cause there was no savings. FBI need to investigate this all jig. Lock them up like Anthony Davis thats going show them. They never learn tho cause they fools.

    • Guest

      ignorant writer and ignorant readers. He writes the state confirmed she fully qualifies but he, jayed, is not happy. He is the devil and the devil is a liar.

  • dee

    If they are going to waive the criteria every time they want to hire someone who is not qualified, why bother having any standards? This is why nothing is right in Paterson .

    • Malique Mora

      a waiver is when the city wants to hire someone, the waiver is filled out not to waive qualifications – the waiver is created to ask the state permission to hire someone. they don't waive the qualifications they ask for permission to hire. DCA approves the waiver when the city submits a request to hire and the city must provide the proper paper work and resume of the persons of interest. Civil service must approve them too, so the same thing has to be done to civil service. Civil service must be notified, which says here in this article that they were not advised about the hiring because Betty Taylor left a few things pending which includes this person. Why doesn't the writer ask Civil Service is this person qualifies? I called civil service and civil service says they gave this writer confirmation that she did qualify. people, do your own research. Ask the city of Paterson to give you the facts. call in and ask. everything is public information.

  • Day-day

    How much she making? Anybody know.

  • Mariagut103

    I know Lydia from PCCC she's very smart always hardworking. I don't know what to think of this but if its true she really changed for worse.

    • jesse montoya

      I WENT TO PCCC too and I still know her. I was in her Anatomy and Physiology class she is very smart and hardworking. When I asked her about this she said that the writer knows she qualifies because they gave him verification but he continues to choose to print deceiving details. she is always helping people.

  • Tony

    Lydia Robles, has spent time and resources helping people within the community. People will pick you apart and try to damage your soul, and yet when your doing great things in the community, that's always overlook. The guy from above will always protect and guide you.. Keep up the good work………

  • Pico

    How does she QUALIFY? Her background is PSYCHOLOGY!! So what she is a hard worker and a "quick learner"!! She isnt QUALIFIED!! Thats why Paterson is what it is..a mess!!

    • Pico

      or MAYBE the fact that Joey promised her a job if she backed out and supported him means something here..OPEN YOUR YES PEOPLE

      • Pico