City renews garbage collection contract with Roselle for $3.1 million | Paterson Times

City renews garbage collection contract with Roselle for $3.1 million


Municipal officials renewed the city’s garbage disposal contract with Fairfield-based Suburban Disposal for $3,147,829.

The contract runs from April 1st, 2015 through March 31st, 2016, according to the resolution awarding the contract.

3rd Ward councilman William McKoy said the renewal gives the city time to have a discussion on how to handle garbage collection in the future. He called for a vigorous discussion on the future of garbage collection in the city.

“I clearly believe we need to have this renewal — the time frame for us to initiate our own collection process is too close,” said McKoy.

McKoy cited Elmwood Park, which he said, has been using trucks equipped with snowplows to pick-up garbage and clean the streets.

Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres in media reports said bringing the function in-house would cost the city much more.

“I think there’s an opportunity for Paterson to make some money,” said McKoy. He said the city could enter into shared services agreements with surrounding towns to haul their garbage for a fee. McKoy said that revenue can then be used to wean the city out of transitional aid and provide relief to city taxpayers.

The city originally entered into a three-year contract worth $8,126,743 with the company on March 13th, 2012.

“If all we give out is contract to others we will never develop our city,” said McKoy.

  • 2eyes on paterson

    Councilman mckoy you are living in lala land if u think the garbage collection will stay inhouse bc u as well as any other smart politician know that paterson has to stay a stressed city and always be depending on state transitional aid otherwhise patersons transitional aid will be cut if the city starts to show imorovement…stay with me on planet earth bc your way of thinking is from outerspace..why do u think surrounding towns of paterson give most of their transitional aid to paterson,cmon councilman u are a smart man…ill answer it for u…bc those surrounding towns do not want whats going on in paterson to hapoen in their towns with poverty,crime,drugs,prostitution,unnacountable administration,poor quality of life…thats why paterson recieves the money it does…wow councilman where were u when they councilman Davis was teaching at the workshop of corruption101..did u recuse yourself from the meeting…mayor torres is the smartest man in the history of paterson bc why would anyone want to run this corrupt city for 120k yearly when he already was making 150k down in jackson nj as the BA…cmon we all know the answer…..bc paterson has endless opportunities for him why do u think councilman sayegh and the democratic machine pushed so hard for the big chair….bc the $$$$$ in paterson is endless and there is so many ways to screw over the tax payer its mind boggling…councilman mckoy u just got schooled by an everyday person that has 2eyes on paterson