Barnes Street in Stoney Road section to close for a year | Paterson Times

Barnes Street in Stoney Road section to close for a year


City officials are closing Barnes Street in the Stoney Road section for a 12-month period in order to create a safer turn from that street onto Grand Street. Unsafe turn “due to limited sight distance” at the intersection of Barnes and Grand Streets is the reason for the closure.

Barnes Street between Grand and Quinn Streets will be closed for one-year to improve “the sight distance situation, increase the overall traffic safety and mobility for both vehicles and pedestrians at the intersection,” reads the ordinance approving the closure.

There’s a badly positioned traffic light on Barnes Street as it approaches Grand Street which motorists have difficulty observing, said Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, 2nd Ward councilman. He said the closure intends to rectify that issue.

City’s traffic engineer certified that the closure of the street will have minimal impact on traffic flow in the area due to low volume of vehicles traversing the street.