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Bring excitement back to education‏


I did not intend to write a letter about why I chose to opt my daughter out of the new PARCC assessment.

After receiving threats of ethics charges from people who refuse to reveal themselves, I now feel compelled to speak my mind on this issue.

Since the moment I decided to opt my daughter out of the new state test I have been contacted by various organizations.

Parents and advocates alike have pledge their support for the cause. It wasn’t started by me but I’m told that my stance has been felt throughout NJ.

The “opt-out” movement is about more than just over testing, it’s about bringing to light the importance of restoring the excitement and fun back to education that is almost nonexistent in the present day.

Education should NOT be used as a form of punishment towards the students. Students should feel free to learn, in a peaceful, caring environment, not under duress, stress or anxiety.

Education should be fun, intriguing and exciting for every student.

Right learning will pique the interest of the student. It will not discourage them or make them feel inferior. It will make them want to learn more without being forced to do so.

How can we keep children engaged in learning if we pummel them with enormous amounts of assessments and standardized testing?

I call upon our legislators and educational leaders to bring back the excitement that was once found in learning.

Corey L. Teague

School board member.