Paterson Sci-Tech Charter students display their scientific ingenuity | Paterson Times

Paterson Sci-Tech Charter students display their scientific ingenuity


The Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology hosted its 10th Annual Science Fair on February 28 to showcase the talents of young future scientists in grades 5-8.

Youngsters created science fair projects comparing tap water against bottled water, they tested the prevalence of air pollution in the Silk City, they used solar energy to clean polluted water, and even extracted strawberry DNA.

Out of the many dozens of projects that were showcased at the fair, a number of the students were recognized with awards for their scientific thought. Students were judged based on creativity, originality, scientific thought, and clarity.

There were several first place winners in each of the grades. Below is a list of all the first place winners in grades 5-8:

8th Grade
Naila Harrow, Syeda Islam, Derek Martinez Genesis Ramirez, Milena Diaz

7th Grade
Eddie Cuba, Perla Huerta, Victoria M. Wong, Attila Turkmen Diego Rodriguez, Alvine Guzman

6th Grade
Aiyana Hernandez, Ly’Ayla Ellis, Alexander Guerrero, Marcus Joshua, Ivana Vicuna

5th Grade
Lixavier Tavarez, Briana Torres, Shelsea Mercado, Erick Hernandez, Mikita Thompson.

The k-12 science and technology school was established with the approval of the New Jersey Department of Education in 2002. It has two campuses in the city. Its k-6 campus is on Wabash Avenue and its 7-12 campus is on West Railway Avenue.

The charter school received a great deal of media attention this year after one of its high school seniors was accepted into Princeton University.