Former ICPC board: ‘We were forced to take the case to a civil court’ | Paterson Times

Former ICPC board: ‘We were forced to take the case to a civil court’


As members of the former board of trustees, we have noticed financial discrepancies and money mishandling by some members of the current board and the Imam. We requested arbitration to examine and resolve those issues and claims.

Almost one year has passed and the current board has refused to initiate arbitration or to consider the seriousness of this matter. After exhausting all options, we were forced to take the case to a civil court system against the individuals who violated ICPC bylaws. This case is NOT against the house of God, but is designed to ensure the wellbeing of the house of God and to advance the center.

Our claims are supported by documented evidence. This lawsuit was created with the following objectives in mind:

1. Enforce ICPC Bylaws
2. Establish Transparency System
3. Exercise Accountability and Integrity at ICPC
4. Protect ICPC assets

We are open and welcome any just resolution that takes the above objectives into consideration. For clarification, we did not reach to the media nor do we believe in defamation. We do not intend to close any function of the center or disrupt its operations or programs. Additionally, we have no interest in any leadership position nor do we have any personal gain from this lawsuit.

We are saddened in the manner in which the case was presented to the community after Friday’s prayer by the board and the Imam. It did not represent both sides of the story. We pray to God to guide to the truth and protect our community and our center from any harm.

Written by former board of trustees of the Islamic Center of Passaic County.