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City fire captain charged with DWI in Wayne faces disciplinary action


City fire captain Glenn Calamita who was drunk driving 100 miles per hour on Hamburg Turnpike before veering off the road into nearby woods in Wayne has been charged with drunk driving over the March 18th, 2015 incident.

Calamita faces departmental charges over the incident which will likely result in a six-month unpaid suspension from his city job, according to city officials. Fire chief Michael Postorino said Calamita has been on medical leave since the incident three weeks ago.

“He’s still medically unable to perform his duties at this point,” said Postorino.

Wayne police found Calamita “unconscious” and “bleeding” inside his 2002 Dodge outside 2320 Hamburg Turnpike at about 12:33 a.m. on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 , according to a police incident report released by Wayne Police Department on Tuesday.

The report indicates Calamita, 49, of Pompton Lakes, was the sole occupant inside the vehicle. He had to be extricated from the vehicle.

Before his vehicle came to rest, Calamita passed through Colfax Road downing an utility pole, damaging a mailbox, a garbage can, and striking the stone wall of a home, according to the report.

Calamita left the scene of the accident. Police found his license plate at the accident scene, according the report. He also came close to striking a resident who heard a loud sound and came out to witness what had happened.

Calamita was issued a summons for driving without insurance, according to the report. He faces multiple charges under New Jersey statutes 39:4-129C, states the report.

The captain was not administered a breathalyzer test, according to the report.

Police chief James Clarke did not respond to an email on Wednesday afternoon.

“You only get one chance. You’d get a six months suspension, and you get a last chance agreement,” said Postorino, speaking generally. “Any subsequent violations, at least with me as chief, we move to terminate.”

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