Two victims shot in multiple city shootings | Paterson Times

Two victims shot in multiple city shootings


Two people were wounded in multiple city shootings that occurred on Rosa Parks Boulevard and Godwin Avenue Saturday evening.

A male victim was shot outside a liquor store on 230 Rosa Parks Boulevard at around 8:43 p.m.

Less than a block away at 135 Godwin Avenue a female was wounded in the arm.

Both victims were transported to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment.

A third victim shot in the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Godwin Avenue arrived at the hospital.

Police are investigating the shootings.

More information will be added to this developing story as it becomes available.

  • Uptop973

    Damn Armani I hope u make it thru…such a good ball player I told u to stay down south

  • Sindy Grayson-Deaveareaux

    Sad What Ever Happened To The Value Of Life. Dude's Are So Weak With Their Fist But Strong With Their Finger! SMDH Praying For Little Man. And His Family.

  • Mike Finegan

    What has happened to this fine city? I can remember as a child back in the early 1950's shopping with my Grandma in downtown Paterson. Even in recent times, (past ten years) I'd ride my bicycle through Paterson, not anymore. I don't profess to know all the answers to these problems; what I do know is that we can not continue down the road to ruin.

    • SoCo Nes

      People used to fight with their hands..now we have cowards in Paterson who prefer to shoot. Armoni's death was the result of someone seeing another person he has "beef" with and instead of waiting until the person was by themselves (because of course this is the only solution), recklessly shot his gun, killing this young man. There was also a shooting Saturday night on North Main Street, a female, right around the corner from where Nazerah Buggs was shot and killed last year.

      • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

        and a guy also was shot on Belmont Ave this weekend

  • Judy

    RIP Armoni…this is soooo hard to accept…God be with us all through this tragedy.

  • Anon

    I went to school with Armoni and even though I didn't know him I'm still sad to hear that he is gone. He was amazing at basketball and I knew he had a chance to make it far. So sad that people rip the lives of others off of this Earth with just one bullet. I pray that his family and friends get through this hard time. R.I.P Armoni you will be missed by many…

  • MizJones

    Jesus Christ! Are we living in a 3rd world country?! We need stronger sentencing and bring back the death penalty! Start protecting the citizens and STOP giving the thugs leniency!

  • vase gordan

    Damn! If the cops cant solve this one ,we need a overhaul in the homicide division, its them niggaz from down the hill ,dont need a rocket science to figure