Three arrested on drug charges in city’s Northside | Paterson Times

Three arrested on drug charges in city’s Northside


Passaic County Sheriff’s detectives followed a suspected drug dealer selling from a vehicle at the intersection of North 10th Street between Temple Street and Belmont Avenue to arrest one other alleged dealer and a buyer on Thursday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Hassan Hargrove, 38, of Paterson; Abdallah Almhaisen, 33, Haledon; and Joseph Frascogna, 38, North Haledon were arrested and charged drug offenses after a Northside drug investigation, authorities said.

Detectives acted on a tip that Hargrove was dealing drugs out of his vehicle. Detectives followed Hargrove as he met with buyers and other dealers. On North 10th Street between Temple Street and Belmont Avenue Hargrove met Almhaisen. Hargrove went underneath the passenger side of his vehicle and obtained 5 suspect envelopes of heroin that he handed to Almhaisen in exchange for money.

Almhaisen left the area, but few blocks away authorities arrested him. 5 glassine envelopes of heroin was recovered. Hargrove was followed as he moved to East 24th Street and 6th Avenue.

Hargrove met with Frascogna. A drug transaction took place between the two men, authoirties said. Detectives followed Frascogna as he left the area. Authorities conducted a motor vehicle stop of Frascogna vehicle. 250 glassine envelopes of heroin and two zip lock baggies of crack-cocaine was recovered from Frascogna, authorities said.

Detectives returned to Hargrove. As they approached Hargrove retrieved 39 glassine envelopes of heroin from a magnetic key hider that was under the passenger side of the vehicle. Hargrove was arrested and charged with 11 drug offenses including distributing 500 feet from a park, authorities said.

Authorities said heroin recovered during the investigation was marked “A7” with red ink. Hargrove 2003 Ford Explorer was seized pending forfeiture proceedings, authorities said.

Almhaisen was processed and released. Frascogna is charged with four drug related offenses including intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school. Authorities said Frascogna and Hargrove were transported to Paterson police lock up pending bail.

“Between the three suspects, almost 300 units of narcotics with a street value of about $1500 was recovered,” Berdnik said. “Drug dealers and buyers need to understand that law enforcement is watching their actions, and eventually they will arrested and held responsible for their actions.”